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The idea of the Robert Burns 10K race was born from a conversation over good food, drink, and positive vibes at our friend Chip's rooftop patio. Having competed in events for many years, we were excited and passionate to finally learn the ropes of putting on a well managed race ourselves. We agreed that the event should support a good cause and have a personal element connected to the theme of the race.

Both of us celebrate our ancestory and connection to the cultural gifts of the Scottish Heritage, and who better to embody the spirit of this race than Robert Burns- the most cherished and celebrated Scottish poet.           


The proceeds of the race will go to the Westbrook High School Alternative Learning Bike Shop, a hands-on learning program for kids who are at risk of dropping out. In this program kids learn about science and physics through the mechanics of bicycle repair. We believe that people learn in many different ways, and all too often schools do not provide adequate options for hands-on or alternative learning. In many cases, a child's full potential is not realized because different learning styles are not embraced or cultivated. This is something we are trying to change.

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